The Inspiration

‘Stormy Skies’ nail varnish, sand, crashing waves, the foam you get on the top of a warm latte that sticks to your nose, sparkly scarves, duck egg shades, fairy lights, french red wine, bright cool mornings, dusky warm evenings, clean linen, driftwood, the smell of seaweed, the shriek of seagulls, my home, my family, my partner and sitting on my board all at sea. Galleries, new paint, old paint, sanded wood, shells, pebbles, storms, puddles, lipstick, ice-cream on the pier, camping, glamping, cool – caravanning.  Adventures, freshly cut grass, taking the dog for a walk in the mud. The moon, the stars, the sky. The condensation on the window that you draw smiley faces in, etching hearts on the beach and leaving notes in the fridge. People watching, driving, striving, grabbing a few more minutes in bed. A thrifty bargin, a string of bunting, a chance meeting, sea glass, sea greens, stained glass and pretending to have dragon breath in the winter. Writing, stretching, beach huts, beach cafes, lunch on the run and duvet days.

There are photographs that I have taken and some which I’ve kept from magazines that make my eyes truly happy. There are places that a photograph wouldn’t do justice and there are smells, sounds and feelings that can only be captured by being there. All of these things I use in my work. I use them to inspire me to pick up my paintbrush, to strive to create and to enjoy every second of the process. Art should never be tiresome, troublesome or mundane. When you become complacent with it, its time to find a new route. Go out and find your new inspiration, your muse and your excitement again. For me it is in all of the above and in so much more. I am lucky to feel as though I will never grow up and have my eyes firmly open to everything that is around me. When the tree’s change colour – I notice. I take a photo of the sun through my window and I write about my evening meal. I appreciate that colours, the texture and the fact that I made it. I created it.

For me, everything is an inspiration, especially when you live in your own little artistic bubble. Naive perhaps, but certainly content.


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Image from Yobaba – Pinterest

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