An Escape for the Soul

Time away.

There truly is nothing like it. Getting away from it all is not only therapeutic and relaxing, but essential. I’m not referring to a 2 weeks all inclusive break to the Maldives – far from it (though if anyone fancies taking me, I wouldn’t say no), rather the chance to leave the stresses of daily life behind. I’m sat at the moment, feeding a baby, with the armchair turned to the window. I’ve watched the sun go down over the sea and now it’s a slow dance of clouds across a rapidly changing sky. Blues have been substituted for yellows, oranges… an orchestra of colour. The sea, earlier a wonderfully deep blue has turned grey and peaceful. The trees are dark and the air is still. It’s an incredible place to be. North Pembrokeshire.
North Pembrokeshire is a world away from daily life. It’s been said time and time again but west wales truly does have a different light. It’s less yellow and more white. More illuminating. Artists like Graham Sutherland once commented on the quality of the light and little has changed for artists since. Everything during the sunshine hours is bright and iridescent. The sky stretches overhead like a huge blanket and the atmosphere is always peaceful. It’s this escape from the bills, the television, our phones or the work desk that is the most healthy. Whatever your means of work, the escape for your mind and your body is essential.

Reds in the sky now, the colours are definitely darkening.

I like to stand outside without my phone and breath in the cold, fresh air. Breath it in, fill the lungs. I’m invigorated. Breathing out more than just the clean air, out comes the tension of the day. It’s time to listen to your body and your surroundings. At this time of day the birds are fluttering around getting their feathery pjs on and readying themselves for their twiggy beds. It’s the only chaos around. It’s a great time to try grounding yourself with some Mindfulness techniques. Feel everything around you. The stone under your feet – can you take your shoes off to fully appreciate it? The breeze on your arms and through your hair. The smell of the evening, maybe a smoking chimney or snatch the salty breath of the sea. Can you feel it? Here there’s no stresses, no frustrations, no concerns. Can you see it? No traffic, no bustle, no people. Just you and the chance to breath.

Take this feeling, the one you create when you’re in a place you love and learn to run to it when you’re home, in work, in the car. Learn to escape back to it in your minds eye and replenish yourself with it.

Dark skies now, almost black but with a distinct scattering of charcoal clouds. There won’t be any stars visible tonight but it doesn’t matter. The space is all yr need. It’s like the world is telling you to slow down and stop. If only for a moment.



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