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Little Cards and Bigger Dreams

Waging war against the printer is (for the most part) a pointless, futile business. One is a basic, worn out and simple minded machine, beaten down by the endless production of colourful images and the other is, well.. the printer; an efficient, complex and temperamental creature intent on destroying the last shreds of sanity I may still have..

You can see how my day started.

After The onslaught of battle and a spectacularly empty victory on my part, I set to printing out the latest order of Moogledoo cards. Many, MANY colourful, wrapped and enveloped, well, envelopes later and I had a rather impressive pile of fine art and illustrative miniatures ready to wing their way to a fabulous little shop in Penarth. There’s something totally satisfying about seeing the crisp cello wraps neatly stacked and string bound in the window, with a quick thank you note slid in between. Success! One job down.

Since it is spring, I have started writing more ‘to-do’ notes in an attempt to be vaguely efficient and focussed with my work. Its not going too badly, though on todays list was not 1. Look for new house 2. Look for new curtains for new house or 3. Look at oven baked clay products.. Nevertheless, I have achieved some of what I started out to complete.. plus, the day is still relatively young.

I’m in an odd predicament when it comes to my work – I love nothing more than producing painting after paintings or illustrations for people, I love seeing the end result and the looks on the clients faces when they receive them BUT I so desperately want to get to the point where I can spend my days endlessly searching for inspiration for my latest work and have people fall in love with those instead. I dream of spending my days in a paint splattered studio and welcoming visitors into my stone built wonky walled gallery. Somewhere people can mooch around and let the kids touch and interact with my work. I can see it in my head – now I just need to work towards it. It is a privilege that I have yet to earn..
I’m 3 months into being a self employed full time artist. Its hard. Really hard. But it’s going to be I suppose. You’re going to have to scrimp and save and work huge hours for minimal money because you’re actual reward, is working for yourself and doing what you love.

I’m also thinking of getting involved with local schools and looking into running extra curricula art activities – creative hours spent helping kids explore and make a mess. Art doesn’t seem to hold much weight in primary school education these days and id love to know why. Not entirely sure how to start that one up.. if you happen to know, do let me in on the secret :)

For now then I’ll leave you with a few of my latest card creations… and the obvious link to where you can buy them ;)

Nice chatting again.

Rhiannon x


photo (4)

There are lots more.. you should go see :)


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